Company Overview

Berjaya Registration Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, was established in 1994. We provide securities registration services including the maintenance and updating the Principal Register of Members of your company in compliance with the Companies Act 2016 and other relevant regulations.

Our securities services including the following :-

  1. acting as share registrars, warrant registrars and transfer agents in Malaysia
  2. maintaining and updating the securities registers (including shares, warrants & loan stocks);
  3. manage the processes of dividend payment/income distribution;
  4. corporate actions (including right issue, bonus issue, capital repayments/reductions, etc);
  5. processing and registering securities transfers including issuance of certificates upon the allotment and placing of securities, exercising of share options and convertible securities and consolidation/subdivision of shares/units;
  6. securities holders’ meeting services (physical or virtual meeting services);
  7. dispatch of corporate documents,
  8. providing analyses and summaries of securities.

Besides our share registration services, we also provide print to mail services from the receipt of data up to the delivery of the completed mails to the logistics provider for the last mile services. Our services assist our customers in managing their operational costs by outsourcing their printing and mailing requirements. We also provide email blast services for customers who wish to communicate with their audience via email services.

For enquiry of our services, please contact the following:

  1. Securities Registration Services
    Contact person  : Puan Suryani
    Email address  :
    Contact no.   : (TEL) 03-2145 0533

  2. Print to Mail Services (Incl. Email Blasting Services)
    Contact person  : Ms. Chong Yin May
    Email address  :
    Contact no.   : (TEL) 03-2145 0533   (HP) 018-221 5507